We are Family

Think about it... we are happy with our loved one. Make sure take sometime of your busy schedule to enjoy life.

saidatul (in red) and Alis (smallest girl) enjoy their outing.

Top, Hae - She just didn't have any other thing to lean on, so pharoah's horse's pun ok.

Bottom, these boys are not lost but they are preparing for 100m dash

The writer: still searching things to write

Taman Negara rapid Shooting

Obviously, Taman Negara Pahang is one of the best Cuti-Cuti Malaysia destination. Kudos to the Kementerian for selecting the destination..from the hotel / hostel, the floating restaurant, the trekking, canopy walkway and the boat rides.. great for city folks
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Hari Raya and the open house...

Let count on how many houses have you visited for the weekends in October! Me, it has been more than 25 open house + office gathering and not to mentioned those makan-makan that we barked in without invitation...

It is such a pleasure to be living in Malaysia and the society all!!
happy makan-makan & you are left with 5 more days.

It is nice to share

Joining the blogging world is something new to us. With limited time to write about our trips and tours that we have took, hopefully this will not be the first and last of our story telling.

Need to make sure that we will share about our experience and places that we have been. To friends that have been writing on their blog... we are still waiting to read it. Please share so we can compare and start laughing on those memories!!